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Anti Aging Bar
Anti Aging Bar
Anti Aging Bar
Anti Aging Bar
Anti Aging Bar
MC ForLife

Anti Aging Bar

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Easy and comfortable handle

Polyhedral corner design

Tiny and portable

Rotating massage

Renew your look good

Accelerate cream absorption

6000 times per minute ion micro-vibration

24K gold-plated facial massager

The skin can absorb nutrients more effectively, since dirt and superfluous keratin is removed cleanly.

The refined vibrations target depth cells, promoting metabolism and eliminating waste as well as burning fat.

The refined vibrations cause molecular frictions inside the skin and the temperature rises, resulting in a multiplier effect with the massage.

Promote the absorb effect of maquillage and wipe out the secretion of keratin

Prevent the aging and enhancing immunity.

Promote the face blood circulation and metabolism so slack and improve the phenomenon of natural sodium

Great for skin & promote blood circulation

Elegant design & convenient to carry